Brand Story 1 – Yellowstone


[Yellowstone Brand story]

Yellowstone national park in Wyoming, US was established in 1872 as America’s first national park.
and in 1978 it was designated as natural heritage by UNESCO.

Yellowstone has been named after the world most faithful legacy.

We seek

‘sharing, nature, living together’
‘great natural expectations & coexistence of humanity’

through our products aiming at being a part of our consumers ‘Ordinary life style’

In the mean time, as to realize the seriousness of environmental pollution we use premium organic
canvas fabric which is environmentally friendly, and technically our primary principle is to develop
new environmentally friendly new material.

‘Vintage yourself’
Yellowstone mostly uses vintage canvas fabric so through years the products will be customized through
the users finger marks. ‘Every living soul’ the bags and accessories which our consumers use, will be
grab attention by others and we do provide a satisfying product range with a reasonable price.

Nature, Adventure, Vintage

Sharing nature, Ling together

[Fabric & material]
We use premium canvas, and corresponing subsidiary materials. We use naturals shades which matches up city life.

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