Brand Story 5 – YUMC

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 About YUMC

our company originated in the 1960s.
when J.D. recognied an ever growing need to bridge the gap between functionality and design.

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J.D.’s son now released this line, YUMC here in the states in 2010.
He noticed many fashionable bags that were often not adepuate in capacity to fit the daily needs of the consumer.

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Determined to make a bag that was more versatile, he also vowed to create a bag that would not compromise the consumer’s personality.
We also launched electronic accessories to provide everyone the daily necessities
we need in life with our gadgets.

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With many different ways to express ourselves, YUMC has bags and electronic accessories that are bound to fit your style.

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Brand Story 4 – Bostanten

chanchanbag bostanten2

Brand Story 4 – Bostanten

BOSTANTEN is cowhide men’s bag brand of briefcase, business bag, wallet, belt, etc.

Noble brand is aiming the union of trend and classic, modern function and unique style of sight, and it means the pursuit of dream, creativity of style and eternal value.

chanchanbag bostanten

BOASTANTEN brand has been created in the romantic city Firenze, Italy in the early 20th century. After the development of 40 years, it has been very popular brand in all countries with it the items of bags, wallets, belts, etc.

chanchanbag bostanten2

In 21th century, BOSTANTEN has been the center of Asia region. It has earned valuable result that it has achieved recognition by successful people of white color who loved BOSTANTEN series model in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and China.

Through successful starting point, outstanding quality, detailed designing method, all products are being made with the stern work course from design to production.

chanchanbag bostanten3

Beyond the trend, BOSTANTEN is trying the best for the customer satisfaction with its own excellent taste. Not only understanding the concept of Italy fashion, BOSTANTEN is being made by the uncommon design and the best quality.

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Brand Story 3 – LODIS

korean bag backpack brand LODIS (13)
korean bag backpack brand LODIS (13)
korean bag backpack brand LODIS

Brand Story 3 – LODIS

Classic leather goods with an edge. LODIS stands for sophisticated, traditional craftsmanship
and refined materials fused with a bold modern attitude and thoughtful attention to detail.
Established in 1948 as the creation of loewe of Spain and Dan Segat, LODIS brought Madrid’s most exclusive
leather goods house to the states for the first time.
Loewe and Lodis’ heritage is founded in well-made, luxurious pieces.

The name, LODIS was created fro this initial union, combining “LO” from Loewe wit Dan Segat’s initials
– DIS – to create LODIS. As the brand has grown over the last 46 years, LODIS has maintained its heritage
by combining the beauty and time – honored tradition of finr leather goods with a self-assured design sensibility
and eye for utility. Colorful, textured and vibrant, the LODIS collection of unique styles honors our heritage and moves forward with edge, confidence and style

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korean bag backpack brand LODIS
korean bag backpack brand LODIS (3)
korean bag backpack brand LODIS
korean bag backpack brand LODIS (4)
korean bag backpack brand LODIS
korean bag backpack brand LODIS (5)
korean bag backpack brand LODIS (5)

Brand Story 2 – Toppu


The Finest Quality Toppu Bag
From now on, You are the leader of world fashion trend.


TOPPU is a bag brand of Korea. contains an intention of ‘aiming the best.’

This is a bag brand with the latest fashion design, gentrification of brand, and the product of high quality which placed emphasis on practicality.

chanchanbag Toppu

This is a brand that produces men’s backpack, women’s bag, notebook backpack, handbag, etc.

TOPPU is producing bags with the knowhow through long period of producing it.

chanchanbag toppu backpack

It is a brand that has firm will to make differentiated design by thinking outside of the box, and even it looks simply, this brand thinks in customers’ position by raising the durability and quality of product.

Loved Brand, that gives good quality and convenience at the same time, will always be with you.

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Brand Story 1 – Yellowstone


[Yellowstone Brand story]

Yellowstone national park in Wyoming, US was established in 1872 as America’s first national park.
and in 1978 it was designated as natural heritage by UNESCO.

Yellowstone has been named after the world most faithful legacy.

We seek

‘sharing, nature, living together’
‘great natural expectations & coexistence of humanity’

through our products aiming at being a part of our consumers ‘Ordinary life style’

In the mean time, as to realize the seriousness of environmental pollution we use premium organic
canvas fabric which is environmentally friendly, and technically our primary principle is to develop
new environmentally friendly new material.

‘Vintage yourself’
Yellowstone mostly uses vintage canvas fabric so through years the products will be customized through
the users finger marks. ‘Every living soul’ the bags and accessories which our consumers use, will be
grab attention by others and we do provide a satisfying product range with a reasonable price.

Nature, Adventure, Vintage

Sharing nature, Ling together

[Fabric & material]
We use premium canvas, and corresponing subsidiary materials. We use naturals shades which matches up city life.

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