Brand Story 4 – Bostanten

chanchanbag bostanten2

Brand Story 4 – Bostanten

BOSTANTEN is cowhide men’s bag brand of briefcase, business bag, wallet, belt, etc.

Noble brand is aiming the union of trend and classic, modern function and unique style of sight, and it means the pursuit of dream, creativity of style and eternal value.

chanchanbag bostanten

BOASTANTEN brand has been created in the romantic city Firenze, Italy in the early 20th century. After the development of 40 years, it has been very popular brand in all countries with it the items of bags, wallets, belts, etc.

chanchanbag bostanten2

In 21th century, BOSTANTEN has been the center of Asia region. It has earned valuable result that it has achieved recognition by successful people of white color who loved BOSTANTEN series model in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and China.

Through successful starting point, outstanding quality, detailed designing method, all products are being made with the stern work course from design to production.

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Beyond the trend, BOSTANTEN is trying the best for the customer satisfaction with its own excellent taste. Not only understanding the concept of Italy fashion, BOSTANTEN is being made by the uncommon design and the best quality.

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